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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ghost Hunting !


This is Hawk
Me, Cardinal and Hummingbird were investigating last night.

Heres the story.

So we were sitting on the computer at 4:30AM..
We were hearing noises like Cracks and stuff.. We all wanted to investigate. So we did.. we went into the basement. we had a 1 Flip Video camera. 3 Flash lights. 1 EVP detecter. We didnt get any Caution Spikes or anything. We Heard like a Banging noise on the pipes. This was when the light was still on. so we went and turned the second light out. then me and Hummingbird we going to the top of the steps to turn the other light out. This is where we heard the voice (VIEWING EVIDENCE) by the first step we heard the voice. We didnt hear it when we were investigating. Just in the evidence. We didnt get that much.. we got bored sitting in the middle of the basement taunting the ghost. so we went up stairs.. we were reviewing the evidence... Cardinal went into the kitchen. I forget what for. Somthing on the Refrigerater was moving. She calmly said Hawk and Hummingbird to come here. I got the Flip and started recording. So they said Hawk go over there and see if its cold. I said YUP and forced Hummingbird to feel it. Then we got a mattress (little crib mattress that was sitting up against the wall) we layed the mattress on the floor. i went to the living room and got a doll for the baby ghost. Cardinal snaped a few pictures. Also we got a picture of something paranormal.
Here they are.

                                                             The Paranormal Freaks
                                                 Paranormal Picture I was talking about

                                                     Hummingbird going over evidence

Here our Youtube Channel!